So … that happened.

October 20, 2013


Okay. I think I can finally talk about this thing. When last I wrote we had just committed to a drastic and frightening life change. (Geeze. Isn’t “life change” a bloodless phrase?) Samantha, her 85-year-old father and I were moving halfway across the country where I would take on a steady and significant position on […]

Fred’s Maid: What should we call her?

October 12, 2013


Every actress of lasting note has been bequeathed a special name by her fans. Clara Bow was “The It Girl,” Lauren Bacall was “The Look.” Marilyn Monroe was “The Blonde Bombshell.” Veronica Lake was “The Peek-a-Boo Girl.” You get the idea. So what special name should we give to Fred’s Maid? She was born as […]

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Calling all “Fred’s Maid” fans

October 11, 2013


A while back I wrote about the little maid in the 1953 Christmas classic, A Christmas Carol. With only 42 seconds on screen, and no dialogue, this shy little woman has captured the hearts of thousands of fans. Unfortunately, these fans have never had a name to associate with their crush. Well, now we do, […]

Little fire on the prairie

October 1, 2012


We chased our first fire engine a few days ago. This turns out to be one of my responsibilities as managing editor of a small town newspaper in the Canadian Prairies. Chasing fire engines. As hard-hitting journalists out for the latest scoop we’re supposed to make sure we’re first on the scene so that we […]

Smoking Guns: #3 — Death comes calling

August 3, 2012


[This is the account of my third “smoking gun.” It is as accurate as I can make it, a process that has included repeated interviews with the principles involved, always following Gibbs Rule Number One: Never question suspects together. Conversations are left out except when the exact words can be confirmed, or the comment was […]


The sad truth about gun control — it’s irrelevant

July 27, 2012


Recently an online friend, superb writer, and Colorado resident wrote a heartfelt piece about the Aurora theatre massacre (“America Is At Civil War And Returning To The Wild, Wild West Isn’t The Solution“). In it he, quite naturally, examines the case for more gun control. Rather than hijacking his comment thread, I’ve elected to post my […]

Smoking Guns: #2 – Dreams behind the store

April 13, 2012


The second of the Smoking Guns series. While everything else may be explained by stretching the meaning of "coincidence," those damned boxes undermine any conventional explanation.

Smoking Guns: #1 – Night Fog – Possible Conclusion

April 12, 2012


This is the best I've got in the way of an explanation for the events described in "Smoking Guns: #1 - Night Fog." It ain't much, but it's the best I can do.

Smoking Guns: #1 – The Night Fog

April 11, 2012


This is the first "Smoking Gun" incident. It describes an event so unusual, yet so well attested, that it can only stand as evidence that life is not entirely material in its essence.

Smoking Guns: Introduction

April 10, 2012


[Note to visitors from Comics Curmudgeon — despite the title, these posts will have nothing to do with either Judge Parker or Rex Morgan, MD. Sorry about that.] Two incidents in my childhood had truly profound effects upon me. The first was the night Death stood at the foot of my bed. I was about […]

Abortion put simply

March 22, 2012


Introduction [NOTE: This article is also available for download in a relatively attractive, illustrated PDF format: Abortion put simply.] Recently the abortion debate has reared its unattractive head again, largely inspired by the Texan “House Bill 15” requiring pregnant women to undergo a sonogram before having an abortion. Sonograms offer extremely detailed images, making the […]

Digging through boxes

March 12, 2012


While cleaning out the locker I discovered something very interesting -- using old photos and sketches for a blog post is way easier than actually writing one.