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Thy deep and dreamless sleep

December 25, 2013


It’s Christmas time so I’m reposting something I wrote a few years ago (and then borrowed for a Christmas editorial for the newspaper last year.) Merry Christmas everyone. “I remember standing in the old church in Windsor…” These were the words with which I intended to begin this post. They refer to a specific moment […]

The sad truth about gun control — it’s irrelevant

July 27, 2012


Recently an online friend, superb writer, and Colorado resident wrote a heartfelt piece about the Aurora theatre massacre (“America Is At Civil War And Returning To The Wild, Wild West Isn’t The Solution“). In it he, quite naturally, examines the case for more gun control. Rather than hijacking his comment thread, I’ve elected to post my […]

Smoking Guns: #1 – The Night Fog

April 11, 2012


This is the first "Smoking Gun" incident. It describes an event so unusual, yet so well attested, that it can only stand as evidence that life is not entirely material in its essence.

Abortion put simply

March 22, 2012


Introduction [NOTE: This article is also available for download in a relatively attractive, illustrated PDF format: Abortion put simply.] Recently the abortion debate has reared its unattractive head again, largely inspired by the Texan “House Bill 15” requiring pregnant women to undergo a sonogram before having an abortion. Sonograms offer extremely detailed images, making the […]

Company enough: a phenomenology of playing the blues

December 20, 2011


If misery loves company, misery has company enough Henry David Thoreau ——————– Rock and roll brings us together through a shared sense of place (be it physical, social, or chronological) and our power within it. The beat did more than make him happy. It made him feel bigger, stronger, more there. When Franki Ford sang “Sea […]

Thy deep and dreamless sleep

December 24, 2010


“I remember standing in the old church in Windsor…” These were the words with which I intended to begin this post. They refer to a specific moment in 1960 or 1961 when I was seven or eight years old. We were attending the Christmas services in All Saints Church, Windsor, and the congregation had just […]

The day we rolled over in our sleep

August 23, 2010


For a brief span of time during the 20th century, we collectively opened our eyes and looked into the face of eternity. The search for meaning has always been a part of our nature, but only in the late 19th century did it begin to reach beyond the confines of traditional religion. As society pushed […]

Don’t read this post. It’s long. It’s a lecture. It’s only partially finished.

August 17, 2010


It’s coming up to the beginning of semester, and I’ve been focused on reworking my course outline and rewriting my first lecture. As a result, I’ve not had much time to think about posting. So I figured, “What the hell, right?” Here’s what I’ve got so far. Introduction to College English: Thinking and Writing. Welcome […]

The Great Bathtub Hoax of H. L. Mencken

July 1, 2010


It’s Dominion Day here (which, in metric is “Canada Day”) and I’ll be taking today off. It’s quite likely I’ll be going silent for a few days, in fact, so I’m leaving with something I wrote a few years back for an editors’ site. Henry Louis (H. L.) Mencken (September 12, 1880, Baltimore – January […]

Hallmark cards, the NAACP, and a short(ish) phenomenology of government

June 17, 2010


Recently, the NAACP, with the backing of the Carson City Council, forced Hallmark to pull one of its “talking” graduation cards from the shelves because the cartoon characters YoYo and Hoops make rude comments about “black whores.” The card, which has an astronomical theme encouraging graduates to “take on the universe,” is clearly talking about […]

Group therapy with the dead

June 12, 2010


Something a bit different, and yet oddly the same. It’s different because I didn’t write this; it’s a guest post by a German friend. But it’s the same because he’s talking about group therapy. He sent me his experience in an e-mail after reading “My starring role on CBC,” and I thought it interesting enough […]