This blog started life with the name “I Probably Don’t Like You,” and each post was an explanation of why: “Because You’re a Sports Fan,” “Because You’re Female,” “Because You Think The Metric System is Logical,” “Because You’re David Suzuki,” and so on.

Unfortunately, this format proved too difficult to maintain, at least with any degree of regularity. Then I realized the pseudonym I’d chosen was simply calling out for a completely re-titled blog. You see, while it’s possible that I may not like you, it’s far more probable that either as myself or as Frank Lee MeiDere, I just don’t give a damn.

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  1. Hey there, I recently transferred my Epik Fails of History blog to a new server off of WordPress, but in doing so I lost all my WordPress followers. Just wanted to reach out and see if I could add you to the new newsletter. Feel free to E-mail me at ErikSlader@gmail.com or visit the new site at EpikFails.com Thank you :)


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