Chapter One: Serenity will have to wait

Posted on February 1, 2014


This is day one of the February challenge set up by We Work for Cheese. The rules, they said, were that there were no rules other than a list of prompts and an attempt to post each day. So I’ve ignored their list of prompts entirely and decided to finally write a story that has been in mind for some time. Each day will add a new chapter — I hope.
So meet Robert Fielding, the world’s most mediocre detective, Adramelech, a Demon From Hell, and Toronto as it is and was.

Adramelech Defects

Have you ever had the feeling that cartoon physics make more sense than real-life physics? For instance, if you’ve just run off a cliff but haven’t noticed yet, shouldn’t you be able to continue running in a straight line for a while until looking down to see nothing underfoot?

Or in my particular case, if you’re running from a real live Demon From Hell — which, I might remind the reader, is not supposed to exist — and you really, really need to make a 90-degree Road-Runneresque turn into another corridor to escape — shouldn’t you be able to do that without smashing into the wall and lying in a crumpled heap on the floor?

You should, I say. You should.

I, on the other hand, didn’t.  Make the turn, that is. The smashing and crumpling part I accomplished like an expert.

Struggling into a sitting position and bracing my…

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