Including the kitchen sink

Posted on December 7, 2013


Sadly, one of the best comic strips is disappearing. I’ve been enjoying Cow and Boy for some years now, but apparently its fans are a small and disparate group.

Admittedly, it’s  not your usual comic strip. It’s about a boy and his cow and mostly they sit around pondering life’s imponderables while dodging cat-copters, hate-bots and occasionally getting mutated through the bite of a radioactive spider (the uranium having been procured from Iran where they thought it would be a good for their PR: “We’re not using uranium for weapons — we’re giving it away to eight-year-old children!”)


I especially enjoyed the way they were always just noticing things at the last moment.


In an effort to save he comic, the artist and writer, Mark Leiknes, tried to make a go of it as a web comic, but the revenue just wasn’t coming in and at the end of this month Cow and Boy will fade into the sunset.

On the happier side, Samantha and I have an apartment now. It’s a basement apartment and all our stuff is still out west, but it’s a place of our own. It’s small, but clean and cozy. When we first went to see the place we were a bit worried about living in a basement because they can be cold, but this one is well-heated and even has heated floors in the kitchen and bathroom. While looking it over we made sure there were no surprises. The water pressure in the shower was good, the doorways are all high enough (I’ve whacked my head too often to overlook things like that) and we checked over the windows to make sure there were no leaks for cold air.

We said we’d take it and moved in on November 1st.

It was later that night when we went to wash the dishes that we finally noticed the size of the kitchen sink.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASeriously — how are we just noticing this?!