Lorem Ipsum, anyone?

Posted on March 17, 2011


We’re moving at the end of April, I’m in transit from St. Catharines to Toronto half the time, and one of my classes is an experimental program involving twice the work, so I’ve been behind on stuff.

But here’s a placeholder: a piece I did for the Standard. My title was, “Lorem Ipsum, anyone?” but they changed it to something boring — and understandable.

The introduction is here, with a link to the actual on-line article. I do this because I don’t want the paper getting mad at me for posting stuff that actually belongs to them, and also to increase the number of hits it gets so they think people are actually reading my stuff (and if you have a comment, please leave it there, since that will help with the illusion).


At least city’s priorities show clarity

This should be the official political mug.

The Standard
March 17, 2011

On March 7, St. Catharines city councillors held a special meeting to “identify” their priorities. While I lack details on how this “identification” process works, I envision it as being similar to a police lineup.

In any event, they picked out 10 suspect priorities.

I can express neither elation nor dismay at the merits of these priorities; I can only be encouraged by their clarity. Politicians, in a never-ending quest to avoid coherency, usually employ meaningless stock phrases to say what they don’t mean.

When “push comes to shove,” and in order to “send the right message,” they “think outside the box” to “embrace change, challenge, and/or diversity,” while “working towards an equitable solution for all.” Of course, “in the final analysis,” if something they say causes “vigorous debate,” they can always “walk it back.”

It’s kind of a political “Lorem Ipsum.” [More…]