This is what happens when you start unpacking boxes

Posted on January 10, 2011


About two-thirds to three-quarters of our library is now out on shelves. We’re going to go through them and try culling the deadwood, but a cursory glance tells me it’s not particularly hopeful.

In among the boxes of books, however, are boxes of papers: some art work, some notes for a philosophy book I’ve been working on for 40 years, and some papers dealing with a number of topics that used to occupy my attention.

And then there’s my “Student’s Illustrated Bible Outline” from 1980. I suppose you could consider it an early version of the Sunday Comic, only with more attention to the Bible. I’ve scanned some of it into the cyberthingy with Flo’s scanner — which eventually got sick of what it was doing and refused to scan any more.

The first two graphics below are the “finished” product, which in this case simply means that they’re typed up (yes, “typed” — computers and wordprocessors are godsends). The others are examples of the rough work.

And these are some examples of the rough work.

And so on.

The scariest aspect of this to me is the realisation that 1980 was over 30 years ago.


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