Flo’s Nigel Tranter Wish List

Posted on December 7, 2010


Nigel Trantor as a young man. He looks old and worn out because he wrote so many books.

This post is for family members only. Also a few friends we know in real life.

That doesn’t mean the rest of you can’t read it — just that it won’t particularly interest you. Which isn’t to say that the rest of the posts here are of interest, but this one — definitely not.

It’s Flo’s Christmas book wish list.

To be specific, it’s her Nigel Tranter Christmas book wish list. Nigel Tranter wrote a lot of books, and she only has about half of them. So we figured we’d send a list of the books she doesn’t have to the whole family and each person could pick off the one to buy. But then, if it’s an e-mail list, how do you indicate that one person has already selected a book? We could end up with 20 copies of David the Prince, and that wouldn’t be useful at all (although it is getting mighty cold and indoor fires might yet be necessary).

Sure, we could have people send an email saying which ones they’re buying, and then send that out again to let everyone know, and so on, but not only is it cumbersome, but two people could still end up buying the same book and not know it before the new e-mail made its way around.

So I decided to use the polling software connected to WordPress.

On the right is a poll showing the list of Nigel Tranter books Flo is still trying to get. (Yes, the bastard wrote one hell of a lot of books.) By clicking on “View Results,” each family member can see which books are spoken for, and then click on “Return to Poll” to click on the book he or she will buy.

That way we don’t have more than one person per book.

This is one of the books he wrote. Or rather, this is three of them.

Simple? Yes. Easy to understand? Definitely. Likely to get screwed up with five or six people clicking on the same book because they didn’t check “View Results” first? Almost a given.

Still, it’s the best I can do.

The one drawback is that it means all the rest of my family will now know about this site, but that shouldn’t make too much difference. I don’t really talk about them (except for a couple of stories involving Ted, and I’m the one who comes out looking bad, so I doubt he’ll get upset).

Still, I’m afraid I might start to feel like I’m being watched. Given a few months, however, and I’m confident they’ll forget all about this site.

I know I have.

And to the rest of you, my half-dozen regular readers, thanks for your indulgence.

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