Thinking of you, down in Mexico

Posted on May 31, 2010


That title is a line from an old Edward Bear song, “You and Me and Mexico.”

Thinking of you, down in Mexico,
Feeling free as the air.

That’s where a friend of mine is — the one I said was moving to Mexico. I mentioned him a while ago, around the same time I mentioned my other friend — the one who was moving to California.

The friend who was moving to California, of course, is now living with us. The other one, however, is not.

He was an editor for more years than most people can count, and just as the publishing industry was crashing down around his ears, he took early retirement and ducked off to Mexico, a country that, for reasons which entirely escape me, he’d fallen in love with over the years.

So for the past month or so, he’s been living in a village teaming with chickens, cows, and some kind of small mammal with “cute little teeth and claws.” The distance makes our regular wine-and-whine sessions a bit more difficult, but despite the somewhat primitive conditions of his surroundings, he has managed to resume blogging, and is posting on a far more regular basis now that he’s not constantly interrupted by work.

The Skeptical Theurgist in Mexico.

So let me introduce you to The Skeptical Theurgist, an ex-pat Brit of the Old School, now living among the indigenous people in a tiny Mexican village.

His first post was “And now for something completely different” (he’ll never rid himself of his Britishness), and from there you can just hit “Next” at the top of each post to catch up to the present — in which the villagers attack a government pickup truck and then celebrate Quetzalcoatl’s birthday.

Enjoy, and I’ll be back as soon as I dig my way out from under, because as the rest of that old Edward Bear song goes:

Here I am, stuck in the city,
Still going nowhere.


I completely forgot the importance of this day in the States.

Remembering those who served