Bango’s dunk

Posted on April 30, 2010


When Bango gets home in the evening, his wife greets him at the door with his nightgown.

Bango, the team mascot for some basketball team, recently dunked a basketball while doing a back flip from the top of a 16-foot ladder and landing on a large cushioned pad.

Now I don’t normally like inspiration that has been drawn from the tribal rituals of the sports world. Most such “inspiration” is just a rehash of platitudes about perseverance, positive thinking, and all manner of things that raise my blood pressure and cause me to yell at newspapers and television sets.

But I’ve got to admit, in this case I can’t help it.

Here’s the video so you can see it for yourself.

Did you see that?

Did you see that!?

It was freakin’ awesome!

There were handles on the cushioned padding!

Seriously, when the stage hands (or whatever they’re called) come out to put the padding away, they fold it, then carry it with handles.

Sure, he makes it look easy. He's in his 20s.

Once upon a time, mattresses had handles.

They don’t any more.

I’ve done a lot of moving in my life, especially in the last few months. First we moved into the house in St. Catharines, then we moved my father-in-law into the house in St. Catharines, and now we’ve moved a friend into the house into St. Catharines.

Remember how not long ago I wrote a post about how upset I was that Joe was going to leave to live in California? (My First Drunk Post.)

Well, there was a slight change in his plans. He’s living with us now.

But the point is, in every move for the past three decades or so, mattresses have been among the most difficult things to haul around because they no longer have handles.

Remember the old mattresses? On each side were two handles sewn right in. Sometimes three.

Michael Ignatieff explains the Liberal Party's position in this completely unretouched photo.

I want mattresses to have handles again. Especially futon mattresses because they flop around like Liberal Party leader Michael Ignatieff trying to explain his platform.

That was a Canadian joke.

You see, nobody has yet been able to figure out what Ignatieff wants to do, other than get the Conservatives out of power.

It’s like trying to move a mattress: you just can’t get a handle on him.

He could learn from Bango’s dunk.

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