The new fall TV lineup: 2009

Posted on August 22, 2009


This fall, you wont see the criminologists driving one of these.

This fall, you won't see the criminologists driving one of these.

I admit it: I’m a TV junky.

I grew up with television. In fact, one of my earliest memories comes from a time before I could walk with any degree of security, and I am racing to the television set on my hands and knees because I’ve heard the Superman theme song.

It was the start of a long and faithful love affair, which included The Donna Reed Show, The Real McCoys, Top Cat, The Honeymooners, and on through the decades to the present: Bones, House, The West Wing, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Six Feet Under, and Dexter.

Because of this fascination, I’ve developed many contacts with the television industry — one of whom has leaked a few of the new shows coming in this season’s lineup.

So here’s a heads-up to both my readers.

Coming this fall

“In the criminal justice system, environmentally-based offenses are considered especially heinous. In New York City, a dedicated squad of detectives investigate those who callously purchase gas-guzzling vehicles despite the warnings of Al Gore. These are their stories.”
Saturdays, NBC: Law & Order: SUV

When the wacky Judge Harry Stone accidentally steps into a time/space vortex, he finds himself back in the days of King Arthur and Camelot. Lucky for him, their newly created legal system is in need of his particular talents.
Mondays, NBC: Knight Court

To those in jail, the days drag by with relentless monotony, and the little things can become all important. The moment they wake up in the morning there is only one thing on these prisoners’ minds.
Thursdays, Fox: Prison Breakfast

As if leading a double life as an average schoolgirl by day, and internationally famous pop star by night wasn’t complicated enough, Hannah is told by her manager that he’s adding a gorilla to her act.
Wednesdays, Disney Channel: Magilla Montana

An experimental physicist discovers a means by which he can jump into the bodies of various people through space and time. There is one limitation, however: the only place he can jump to is Australia.
Tuesdays, NBC: Qantus Leap

For almost fifty years this select, carefully trained society of silent criminals has been terrorizing the streets of every major city in the Western World.  To combat this plague, the FBI employs a team skilled in numerous disciplines including psychology, sociology, and deductive analysis. This September, follow their adventures as they struggle to stop this ubiquitous gang of speechless miscreants.
Fridays, CBS:
Criminal Mimes